Friday, May 10, 2013

Before the Demolition Began

Here's some pics of the studio rooms before the demolition began - any drywall walls you see have since either been demolished completely or have had the drywall on the interior surfaces removed as to avoid the triple leaf effect.

This is the back corner of the future control room - the big fan in the wall had to be taken out and the wall blocked over.  You can see a red I-beam, we had to have the contractor figure out how to soffit around that while keeping the soffit and interior double wall that be built decoupled from the existing structure.

Below is a picture of the wall that has since been demolished, also in the control room.  This wall is the location separating the control room from the live room (taken from the control room side).  We had to completely remove the wall to rebuild a double wall that didn't attache to the existing structure:

And finally here's a picture of the same control/live room wall from the back corner.


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