Monday, May 13, 2013

Recording Studio Build Update: Framing for Isolated Walls

Taken from the control room - vocal booth on right

Here's an update on our progress - the walls are framed, the ceiling grid is hung, electrical rough wiring is in, and the ventilation ducting/exhaust fans have been installed.  For this entry I'm just going to focus on the walls.

A few notes on the walls, we are building double walls, essentially a room within a room.  On one side of our space the outside wall is a cinder block wall.  The other pre-existing walls are normal 2x4 framed walls that have been built from floor to ceiling.  As part of the demolition we removed the drywall from our side of those walls.  In the future on the other side of those walls we may end up adding an additional layer of drywall with green-glue.  Since this is something we can do after the fact (if we decide we want a higher level of sound proofing) we've opted to save the money for now and hope for the best.  Then we framed our new walls making sure the only place they attach to the existing structure is the foundation (we lack the budget to float a concrete floor, fortunately there's nothing below us, so while not ideal we're building on the existing concrete floor).

Taken from live room looking at control room wall
Taken from live room looking at entrance wall
Close up of framing detail.  About 1" between walls.

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