Thursday, May 9, 2013

Studio Construction and Build Plan

After a few months of sorting out the lease agreement, then a few more weeks of waiting for the space we're building in to get demolished and cleaned out; our studio build is well under way!

You can see a 3d model of our planned build out on YouTube (also embedded in this post).

A few notes about the construction:

A total of 3 rooms:
  • Live room (with slanted ceiling following the existing roof line)
  • Control Room (with flat ceiling as high as we can get it)
  • Approx 6x6 vocal/iso booth.
A few notes on the wall construction:
  • Double walls (room within room)
  • Standard R12/R20 insulation between the walls
  • Two layers of drywall, acoustically caulked/staggered seams with Green Glue between
  • Windows assemblies are laminated glass (two thicknesses for each window, 7/16" and 9/16")
  • Doors are solid core with weather stripping (additional mass might be added depending on how they perform).
  • Electrical outlets sealed using Putty Pads
A few notes on the ceiling construction
  • Ceiling uses the same drywall sandwich as the walls
  • Ceilings are drop ceilings isolated from the existing structure using Resilmount isolation hangers and some fancy schmancy ceiling grid.
There's more details I'd like to touch upon, but for now I'll leave it at that.  In future posts I'll try to cover the ventilation and some of the above topics in greater detail.  We're very excited about how things are moving along and shooting for painting and sound treatments over the next few weeks.

And here's the planned floor plan with dimensions and notes:

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