Monday, June 24, 2013

A whole bunch of studio construction updates

For the past few weeks we have neglected posting updates as we've been spending every free moment trying to wrap up the construction on the studio - I'm happy to say that aside from some very small cosmetic items we're pretty much done - here's some photos for the missed weeks:

Here's a shot of the unfinished dead vents, we're using a Fantech FG6 to cycle the air out of each room and draw fresh air in from the rest of the building.

Here's a shot of the putty pads we used around all the electrical boxes to keep the room as airtight as possible.  

Here's a shot of the live room after the drywall (2 layers, green glue between, staggered seams acoustically caulked, and finally mudded and sanded) 
 Another shot of the live room from the back corner (also notice the windows have been installed - 2 pieces of laminated glass, one side is 7/16" the other side is 9/16".

 Here's a shot of the control room after the floors were refinished, paint done, and some of the furniture moved in.  You can see the almost finished dead vents in the hallway, the ventilation is working great, but we still need to sand and paint it (that will wait until the hallway is refinished by the building).
 Another shot from the control room entrance.
 Another shot, this one taken from the mixing position.  You can see our DIY acoustic treatments (well 2 of the 28 we made) in the corner.
 Here's a shot of the live room shortly after moving a bunch of stuff in (acoustic treatments, mic stands, other fun things)
 Looking into the control room from the live room.
 Looking at the live room from the back corner, excuse the lighting we still hadn't put up the track lights in the live room yet.

So, for now I'm out of the country, right before I left we finished the wiring (12x4 snake into the live room plus an addition 4x1 custom built/soldered XLR/TRS box on the wall of both the live room and the vocal booth).  We also racked the equiment and did most of the wiring for the patch-bay (except for a few cables that we had to order).

When vacation is over we hope to do some room testing and reposition the acoustic treatments as needed (I'll write a separate post about the treatments when that time comes).

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